Damn: Dude Catches A Beating For Leaning On Someone’s Car!

Leaning on someone’s car is something no one should ever do. It’s just disrespectful. It’s common sense not to do it, but some people just lack sense.



This one owner though, has a much savage response. Either he loves his car too much, or he hates being disrespected. Or could be both.

The video follows a man wearing black as he enters a grocery store. He finds his target inside, and quickly punches him twice on his face.




Man in blue-gray shirt falls down. Poor guy looks clueless as the angry man kicks him more than five times in the head.

People around tries to stop the man from the beating the other. He can be heard telling him not to lean on his car. Then continues kicking the poor guy on the floor.




The irony is he could sue him now for more than his car.

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