Blissfully Ignorant Little Boy Thinks Hungry Tiger Just Wants To Play

A single pane of glass is all that separates this child from the glaring reality that wild animals don’t want to be your friend — oh, and death.



The video posted Monday sees the creature rise onto its hind legs and ferociously splash water on the glass in front of him by raising his front two paws.

The toddler boy sitting in a walker on the opposite side of the glass then shrieks with delight as the water cascades on the window in front of him.




The tiger rests for a moment to peer at the boy, before starting the splashing antics again, desperately trying to reach the child.

The laughing toddler then tries to place his hand on the glass to touch the tiger. Nearby zoo guests too place their hands on the glass to amuse the animal.




The tiger tries one last time to reach the baby by raising up its two front paws on the glass before giving up and walking away, unable to touch his playmate.

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