Damn: Dog Trying To Smash Horse Gets A Brutal Reaction!

Never fvck with a horse! Literally.



If that was a man trying to do a horse, it would be really fun to watch. It pained me that this happened to a dog.

The video shows a dog behind a tall horse. The dog can be seen sniffing the horse’s behind, as what they usually do when trying to mate.


og can be seen sniffing the horse's behind


After a few seconds, since the horse didn’t react at first, the dog decided to start his thing. He probably thought there was consent since the horse didn’t try to resist.

Dog climbed behind the horse, probably ready for some action. But he didn’t expect a much brutal reaction. Horse grew tired of the annoying dog and kicked its face real quick.


Dog Trying To Smash Horse Gets A Brutal Reaction


The kick was strong it sent the dog flying. Poor dog can only howl from pain.

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