Rare Moment A Porcupine Teaches 7 Male Lions A Lesson

This showdown in the wilderness looks like it could only go one way when seven hungry lions looking for a meal come across a lone porcupine at a waterhole. Sensing a shared snack was on the menu the seven young males circle and surround the large rodent but get a shock when they go in to try and make a quick kill.



This adult fully grown porcupine will have been the target of many lion attacks over the years and with a back full of super sharp quills knows how to defend itself. It makes its spines stand up erect and rattles the quills loudly, clattering its teeth before runs sideways at its deadly attackers. It sports a 10 inch long tail full of spikes that can injure or even kill hungry predators.



For the young pride of lions it is almost certainly the first time they have seen a porcupine up close. Several times the lions swat with their paws only to retract them as their soft pads are pierced by the porcupine’s spines. After a couple of minutes the lions realise that their curiosity is not worth getting skewered for and they finally all head off to hunt elsewhere. Porcupines grow to up to three feet long and can weigh up to 35lbs.



What these inexperienced predators did not know is that all they have to do for a ready meal was to flip the porcupine over onto its back. Its belly is soft and undefended. The stand-off happened in the Kruger National Park in North East South Africa and is the country largest game reserve and home to lions, leopards, elephants, rhino and buffalo. The amazing video was caught on camera by Hennie Bekker, 36, who is the Director of Private Kruger Safaris who told LatestSightings.com how the encounter happened.



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