Guy’s Attempt To Guillotine A Spray Paint Can In Slow Motion Goes Wrong In The Most Painful Way

Who could have predicted that a pressurized can would fly off in unpredictable directions when you suddenly slice it in half?



The slow-mo footage shows the can being cut in two by a sharp guillotine, with red spray spurting everywhere.

As the sharp blade slices its way through the metal, half the can shoots off the cutting board and straight into the crotch area of Aaron Hydel, who cut the rope on the guillotine.


Guillotine vs a spray paint can


With the sword which he used to cut the guillotine’s rope to set off the chain of events still in his hand, the man falls to the floor in agony, holding his private parts in clear discomfort.

The cameraman does not appear to be too concerned with the wellbeing of his injured friend as he can be heard laughing behind the camera.


He then falls to the floor holding his crotch after being hit


After the incident, the pair admitted the blade was not sharp enough to cut straight through the can, leading to the blunder.

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