Driver smashes into parked cars before running to a phone box to report his vehicle STOLEN

This is the shocking moment a Peugeot driver smashes into parked cars before running off and pretending his car had been stolen. The driver, James Baker, ploughs into a silver parked car before bouncing to the other side of the road and crashing into another vehicle. He then runs to a telephone box and calls the police to report that his car had been stolen from a garage but DNA from the airbag linked the car back to him, reports the Grimsby Telegraph.





The owners of the severely-damaged silver car rush out of their house to investigate as Baker runs away from the accident and down the road. In court, Baker, 24 claimed that ‘anybody could have taken it’ because he claimed that he had previously been boasting about it and people knew where it was. The footage shows Baker’s passenger get out of the Peugeot and walk away from the wreckage as bystanders walk towards the car wreckage.



In the collision which took place in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire a total of five cars were damaged during the crash. Baker, from Grimsby, who was absent from court, was found guilty of driving carelessly, failing to stop after an accident, failing to report the incident and having no insurance or the correct license.



Grimsby magistrates court heard that Baker ‘panicked and ran off’ but he was ‘genuinely sorry’ about the incident. Baker was fined £240, banned from driving for two years, given 10 days’ rehabilitation and ordered to pay £400 compensation and £85 costs.



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