Clever Man Tries to Avoid Being Caught By a Bounty Hunter in Exciting Experiment

Bounty hunters are always believed to be good at what they do: capture offenders who are out to avoid the long arm of the law. But are they really that good?





One man set out to find out if bounty hunters are who they are cut up to be by having two of them chase him as he tried to avoid getting caught.



Changing Looks



Mike of internet media company, BuzzFeed, set up the chase, leaving clever clues in the form of riddles and text messages on how to find him. And to up the ante, he even got help from a makeup artist, totally transforming his looks with prosthetic makeup. This allowed him to have the courage to be right there with them before time ran out.



Big Reveal



I don’t know about you, but it appears to be not that tough to avoid capture if you have your wits about you.



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