Disgusting Moment McDonald’s Refuse To Serve Teenager Because She Was Wearing A Hijab

McDonald’s apologized after a 19-year-old Muslim woman said a security guard told her to take off her headscarf or leave the restaurant.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the guard stopped her in Holloway, North London, branch and told her to remove her hijab because it was a security threat. She said the guard looked shocked when she refused but continued to ask, leading her to film the exchange on her phone. According to McDonald’s, the security guard responsible for the altercation has since been suspended.

McDonalds Refuses Woman Because Of Hijab

In a statement sent directly to The Independent, McDonald’s said that they have “no policy which restricts or prevents anyone from wearing a hijab, or any other religious attire, from entering [their] restaurant.”

They add that they “welcome customers of all faiths and sincerely apologize” for the incident.

McDonalds Racist

Well, McDonald’s is poisonous anyway.

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