Fearless Man Gets A Free Fare By Clinging On The Back Of Toronto City Bus

Meanwhile in Toronto, a man was filmed clinging to the back of a moving TTC bus while joyfully shouting such things as “f–k the system!” and “Warya!” A Twitter user who goes by the name Gure Scarborough captured the scene on his phone while driving past the Orion VII 8046 TTC bus.

A stunned traveler on a Toronto road captured video of a fare-dodging commuter clinging to the back of a city bus for a free ride. Twitter user @Gure_Omar posted a video late Thursday showing a man hitching a free ride on a Toronto Transit Commission bus by clinging to the back of the moving vehicle.

Man Filmed Clinging On Back Of Bus

Only in Toronto,” the filmer says through laughter. The fare-dodger was criticized Friday by TTC officials.

“This is a reckless, dangerous and stupid stunt. This unidentified individual is not only putting themselves in harm’s way but motorists, as well,” TTC spokesman Brad Ross told Global News.

Free Fare In Toronto

Yeah, f**k the system!

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