Reporter Gets A Face Full Of Mud From MX Rider Like A Champ

Every job has its downsides. Her jump just so happens to run the risk of standing right behind a smartass on a dirtbike. Clutches will be dropped!

During a quick interview, this lovely lady reporter stops a pro-biker for a few questions. Wearing a white tank top and charming smile, she asked the rider about the race — which he promptly replies as “It’s hot and I have to go.” And with that, he takes off but revs the throttle a little too much and ends up kicking mud all over the pretty reporter’s face.

Interview DirtBike

She gets a face full of mud but takes it like a true champ. The camera crew can be heard laughing at the distance as she tries to walk off the humiliating situation.

Interviewer Face Full Of Mud

Talk about a shitty job.

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