A Bunch Of Hungry Thieves Just Stole A Baby Lamb

Two masked bandits stole a beloved pet lamb, Flop, from a sheep farm in Rayleigh, England. Now, everybody has their reasons to do bad things, but why did they have to steal an innocent baby lamb?

The video shows two masked thieves breaking into the sheep farm. Opening the gate, they let the sheep loose all over the farm grounds. But these lamb bandits clearly don’t have the chops to get the work done, struggling to catch even one of the run-a-way sheep. One of them even appears to hurt their knees during the attempt.

Thieves Steal Lamb

Eventually, they managed to carry out Flop. “I’ve got a feeling he’s probably in the meat pot by now,” said 60-year-old Valerie Howells, whose security camera captured the thieves swiping the 1-year-old animal in the middle of the night.

Thieves Steal FLop

Who the hell steals baby sheep?

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