Punches Thrown As All Out Brawl Erupts Over Foul In Girl’s Basketball Game

A brawl broke out among adults during a girls basketball tournament in Savannah, Georgia. When a hot-tempered woman approached the referee to argue a foul call.

The video shows the woman shouting at the ref as he makes the foul call, moments later, the woman charges at the ref. At this point, one of the players attempts to stop the scuffle, which led to the referee stumbling into the floor.

Man Punches Referee

Suddenly, a random man jumps at the ref and throws a barrage of punches at him. This leads to an all-out brawl all over the court. The ref has since filed a complaint with local authorities. Clearly, the adults need to take a lesson or two from the kids and grow up.

Massive Brawl During High School Game

Classy folks.

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