ATM Thief Steals $800 From Machine, Gets Chased Down And Tackled By Bank Manager

CCTV footage has been released of a robbery at an ATM in China, where a man grabbed nearly $800 from a woman as she was withdrawing cash.

The video shows the shady man, waiting behind a woman in an ATM machine as she withdraws money. Seconds after she gets the money from the machine, the man snatches it away from her and makes a run for it. The woman screams in shock, which luckily, was heard by the bank’s manager.

Thief Steals Money From Woman

The manager immediately gets out of the bank and chases down the apparent ATM thief. Another clip shows the bank manager restraining the thief as authorities arrive to take him in.

Bank manager Chases Him Down

Now that’s a safe deposit right there.

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