9-Year-Old Boy Rescues Baby Brother From Drowning In Family Pool

A moment of pure terror after a 4-year-old child falls into the family swimming pool, unable to swim.

It was a moment his mother said made her heart stop. But thanks to a small hero, the child is OK. It was a nightmare that became a reality for the Swafford family in Tahlequah. A pool that was meant for family fun quickly became an almost death trap. That is until someone decided to take matters into their own hands.

Baby Falls Into Pool

Christopher jumped the fence to the backyard and made a heroic rescue. Saved by his big brother, J.J.’s mother was in awe, knowing without his quick thinking things may have ended differently.

“When your kids are awake you need to stay within feet of them because it can happen in a second,” Keisha said.

The Swafford’s now hoping their scare, will be a warning to others.
Kid Saves Baby From Drowning

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