Starbucks Accused Of Racism After Calling Police Officers To Arrest Two Black Men That Didn’t Order Anything

Starbucks has apologized after staff in Philadelphia called police to arrest two black men who refused to leave a store. The coffee chain has been accused of racism over the incident in Philadelphia and the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks became the top trending term in the US.

The saga began when the two men, who have not been named, sat down in a branch of Starbucks but did not order anything. The pair claimed to be waiting for a friend, but one of them asked to use the bathroom, the staff refused them stating that they can only be used for paying customers. Then staff asked them to leave.

Starbucks Staff Call The Cops

When they refused, police were called to reports of trespassing. Officers said they tried to reason with the men, asking them to leave on their own accord, but when they continued to refuse they were arrested. The friend they said they were waiting for later showed up as the two men were being carried away in handcuffs.

Starbucks Has Two Black Men Arrested


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