Determined Chinese Man Saws Off Tree Trunk To Steal A Bike In Impressive Act Of Thievery

This Chinese thief takes the whole thievery thing to extreme levels after setting his sights on a lone bike tied to a tree. The lengths this man was willing to go to steal a bike will impress you.

CCTV footage shows the man running to the small tree with a saw in hand, quickly, he saws off the trunk of the tree in an attempt to take off with the bike that was tied to it. He takes a few breathers before finally cracking the code and making the tree fall down.

Man Saws Off Tree To Steal Bike

He expertly manages to cut down the tree as it falls to the ground. The thief then picks up the bike and carries it on his motorbike to drive off to the sunset.

What he did was seriously a crime, but you have to admire the determination.

Man Saws Off Tree To Steal Bike

That must’ve been a really expensive bike.

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