Shocking Moment Truck With Steel Girders Swing Into Car’s Path, Instantly Wrecking It

A truck carrying steel girders tries to make a sharp turn, but things quickly turn to disaster as an oncoming car finds itself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The CCTV footage shows a blue truck carrying steel girders attempting to make a left turn from a busy highway. Another car can be seen speeding through the highway, but unfortunately, meets the girders as the truck was making the turn.

Car Hits Steel Girders

The car hits the steel girders windshield-first, presumably, hitting the driver dead-on. The force the impact was so great, it nearly knocked the heavy girders off the truck. It is unknown whether the driver of the car survived the incident, but things don’t look all too well here…

Truck Carrying Steel Girders Makes Turn

Did the driver did not see 100ft girders in his way?

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