Bizarre Moment Car Ploughs Through Metal Fence At Top Speed

This is the bizarre moment a car drives straight through a metal fence and drags it along as it turns a corner. The white vehicle does not slow down, even with a security guard watching on, as it approaches what looks at first glance like a sturdy barrier. But after the driver ploughs straight into the gate, the flimsy fence wraps around his car and is dragged into a main road in Shanghai, China.





With nothing weighing them down the metal poles are pulled along the road and narrowly miss a group of watching moped riders. The video was posted by the Instagram account Shanghai Observed and has been viewed more than 10,000 times so far. The guard who is standing by the fence does not seem concerned until the last moment, apparently certain that the driver will swerve in time.

Bizarre Moment Car


But the fence comes completely loose when the white vehicle strikes it, with the moped owners having to dodge as a trailing part of the gate comes past them. Still wrapped in the fence, the car drives past a row of buses parked on the side of the road and speeds away as two guards give futile chase.

Bizarre Moment Car Ploughs Through Metal Fence


The owner of the page said: ‘I’ve always wondered how useful those fences are. Now I know. ‘There had been a commotion inside the fenced area from the white car and a security vehicle. ‘The white car seemed to get away.’



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