Couple Casually Steals A Manhole Cover In Bizarre Viral Video — Because Why Not?

Are some people just willing to steal anything they can get their hands on huh? Some steal phones, bikes, watches, and… manhole covers?

Bizarre CCTV footage shows a lovely couple walking alone in an empty sidewalk at night when they encountered a manhole cover in their path. Casually, the woman blocks the view from the CCTV camera and her boyfriend pick up the steel cover and hides it under his jacket.

Couple Steals Man Cover

Despite being in clear view of the security cameras, the man still went ahead and take the manhole cover, placing it under his jacket for cover. We suspect they stole the thing for scrap metal, but seriously, why???

Boyfriend Covers Manhole Cover With Jacket

Screw the law, I guess???

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