Skier Breaks Jaw As He Jumps Into Ski Lift Chair On A Mountain

This is the horrifying moment a daredevil skier breaks his jaw as he collides with a ski lift after a jump. The shocking clip was captured at Snowbird ski resort in Utah, as Patrick O’Neill collided with the lift. Patrick posted the video on Instagram last year, with the caption: ‘Timing was a little off. Broke my jaw in 3 places and my second surgery is today! Thanks for all the support!’





At the beginning of the clip, Patrick, dressed all in black, confidently made his way across the snow. After he leaves the ground, he collides with the ski lift and falls to the floor. The video was captured in April of last year.

Skier breaks jaw as he jumps into ski lift chair on a mountain


Worried well wishers commented on the post, with one saying: ‘Thank God it was your jaw and not your neck…’ Another questioned where he was trying to land: ‘Pat, were you trying to land on the chairlift?!?’

Skier breaks jaw as he jumps into ski


MailOnline reached out to Patrick for more information.



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