Dad Goes Up In Flames As DIY Garden Fire Goes Horribly Wrong

This is the astonishing moment a father goes up in flames as a DIY garden fire goes disastrously wrong. CCTV cameras captured the terrifying instant Scott Buckley turned into a human fireball after pouring paint thinners onto wood he was burning. Remarkably Scott, a father-of-two from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, escaped with only minor burns to his legs.



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The builder and businessman, known to pals as ‘Bucko’, described the accident as ‘the most stupid thing I’ve ever done’. Scott and his friend Jon Glennon were burning timber left over from some DIY they were doing in his back garden in Rochdale, Greater Manchester when they decided to use an old tin of paint thinner to get the fire started. But as they poured the highly-flammable solution on the blaze the tin explodes.

Dad Goes Up In Flames As DIY Garden Fire Goes Horribly Wrong


As flames shoot 15ft into the air Scott, 43, can be seen, his back and legs alight, running away from the fire in the video. Now Scott is warning others to be wary of the dangers of paint thinners.

Dad Goes Up In Flames As DIY Garden


He said: ‘I didn’t realise the thinners would be so flammable. It was so volatile, I couldn’t believe it. ‘My nine-year-old son has seen the footage and he just said ‘Dad, you’re an idiot’. ‘It’s like a health and safety video showing the wrong way to start a fire. ‘I was so lucky. This should be a warning to everyone.’



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