Skydiver Captures Incredible Footage With Headcam Whilst Falling

From leaping off the top of the world to diving through a funnel of clouds, this skydive filmed on a 360 degree camera show the world from an incredible fresh perspective. Nicholas Lott, 32, has recorded his jumps with the camera strapped to his helmet focusing on him as he falls through the air.



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But as the aerial videographer from Houston, Texas, tilts his head it turns the sky into a blue bubble and with another turn it appears the entire globe is at his feet. The veteran jumper has been using the camera for the last two months and has even recorded himself kicking his cap off the floor onto his head creating a strange image. The clip begins with Mr Lott jumping from a plane, with an arch of clouds and blue skies behind him.

Skydiver Captures Incredible Footage With Headcam Whilst Falling


It then zooms out to create an incredible perspective. With Mr Lott in the foreground, the 360 camera captures the clouds in a globe-shaped behind him. It then cuts too Mr Lott doing a skydive with another jumper.

Skydiver Captures Incredible Footage


The footage shows him holding the hands of the friend as they fall out the plane. The pair then film each other as circles of clouds and the earth fall behind them. He then releases his parachute and hits the ground.



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