Violent Thug Faces Jail Time After Head Butting Innocent Woman

Two men in England have been jailed for chasing down and viciously beating another man back in January. The victim had stepped in when one of the attackers had head-butted a woman inside a pizza place.

The video shows an argument between the victims and one of the thugs, it is unknown how the fight started out but within seconds of them exchanging words, the thug headbutts the woman on the face.

Thug Head Butts Woman

Retaliating immediately, a man attacks the attacker by punching him in the face. The fight spills out to the streets where two thugs gang up on him and completely beat him to a pulp — one of them even bit the victim’s ear. The video was made evidence for convicting the two men to 1 year and 8 months of imprisonment. The two were apparently spending all night doing drugs and drinking.

Thugs Beat Man Up

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