Man Wielding Two Kitchen Knieves Lunges At Police — Gets Tasered And Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison

This is the horrifying moment a drug-fuelled man wielding two kitchen knives frantically tries to stab a police officer. The ordeal, which was captured on body cameras, shows Tony Buttigieg lunging at officers with the blades after he refused their requests to disarm himself.

The footage shows the officers repeatedly making attempts to calm Buttigieg, and get him to put the weapons down – but the defendant would not be reasoned with. Apparently, the suspect did not believe them to be real policemen and insisted they take off their body armor. He then made a number of threats to stab the officers and to stab himself in the heart.

Officers Try To Reason With Him

At that point the decision was taken to use a Taser on him – the glass door was opened enough to allow the weapon to be fired but the powerful shock from the stun-gun did not take Buttigieg down. Instead, he forced his way through the ajar door, and lunged at Officers Rhydian Jones with a knife in each hand, stabbing at his chest. Luckily, he was wearing his body armor and was unharmed as his other police officers tazed the suspect.

Suspect Stabs Officer

Remind me to respect the work Police Officers do.

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