Failed Motorcycle Wheelie Stunt Sends Rider Flying Into The Air During Mass Ride

Brett Sewell suffered major injuries when he crashed his bike during a mass motorcycle “ride-out” in Nashville, Tennessee. The accident occurred when Sewell attempted to pull off a wheelie and crashed into a nearby four-wheeler.

The video, taken from another rider’s helmet cam, shows Sewell speeding up his yellow bike to attempt a wheelie. Unfortunately, another rider in a quad bike failed to notice Sewell coming fast in the back and ends up getting into his path.

Rider Sent Flying

Sewell hits the motorbike at top speed, sending him several feet into the air before rolling around the road. Sewell, 18-year-old plumbers, suffered severe injuries from the collision. The video shows him lying on the ground in pain as other riders rush to aid him.

Rider Suffers Severe Injuries

That has to hurt.

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