Bumbling Thief Almost Shatters TV He Is Stealing From A Pizza Place

A flat-screen TV set was swiped from a pizza place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Red Zeppelin Pizza’s security cam caught the bumbling thief nearly falling to the floor as he ripped the TV off the wall sometime after midnight.

The thief apparently sneaked into the pizza place late night, after a few too many bottles of beer. The video shows the suspect carrying the massive flat-screen TV in an attempt to get away with it. But this master thief failed to take into account the weight of the TV and almost shatters it as he unscrews it from its wall mount.

Bumbling Thief

But despite his bumbling act, the thief still managed to get good and get away. The pizza joint is currently looking for the culprit and is offering a $500 coupon for anyone who has information on his whereabouts.

Thief Steals TV

You’ve been hit by a smooth criminal.

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