Stampede Of Commuters Narrowly Escape Burning Bus Just Minutes Before It Explodes

A bus burst into flames in Harbin City, China, after one of the tires caught on fire. More than 50 passengers rushed to evacuate, causing a stampede.

In the video, filmed in Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province on Sunday, more than 50 passengers can be seen rushing to leave the bus in a panicked stampede. People from nearby shops use extinguishers to try to put out the fire before firefighters arrived.

Some of the passengers fall over and trip each other up as they scramble to escape the inferno.

Stampede Of Commuters

The bus exploded just two minutes after all commuters had been evacuated, local media said.

Two women and a man suffered burns to their hands and hair in the incident, news portal reports. The fire started after the bus’s left rear tire blew out. The case is under investigation.

Bus Explodes

Made in China.

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