Bouncers Forced to Kick a Drunk Cholo Out of the Bar

A drunk bar patron wants to fight security… or not. He squares up with security but decides not to throw hands.



If you’re drunk and want to start a scene, please be like this guy. Just fool around and don’t get into violence. But of course, it’s better not to make a scene at all.


He throws him outside on the parking lot


Video shows a bouncer carrying a drunk man out of a bar. He throws him outside, but this drunk guy still wants to play. He provokes the bouncer, seemingly wanting to fight him. Once the bouncer poses ready for fight, drunk guy runs away from him.

He comes back seemingly ready to attack again only to run away once the bouncer intimidates him. He runs towards the cars and dances there. He walks away from the bar and the video cuts then.


He runs towards the cars and dances there.


Drunk man was lucky the bouncer isn’t a war freak.

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