Are you sure that’s how you do CPR? ‘Twerking’ nurse’s strange technique raises eyebrows online

This is the hilarious moment a nurse ‘twerked’ while she demonstrated how to perform CPR on a dummy. In the clip, which was taken in China, three nurses can be seen on stage exhibiting how you properly perform life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).





However one member of the audience couldn’t help but notice the nurses bottom which was jiggling up and down in the air. Although nobody in the crowd appeared to draw attention to the nurses’ derriere the clip has been widely viewed online.

'Twerking' nurse's strange technique


The video has four million views as viewers compared the movement to the popular twerk dance move. However some argued that the reference had ‘misplaced their focus’ but it still encouraged the video to be widely spread.

'Twerking' nurse's strange technique raises eyebrows


Social media user ‘Simon Tang’ wrote: ‘She may be saving a life, but she’s also causing heart attacks in several middle-aged and elderly people.’ ‘Sam Chan’ added: ‘The dummy on stage has regained consciousness, but men in the audience have passed out.’ ‘She’s doing it wrong!’ netizen ‘Paul Leung’ wrote.



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