Karma Strives Quick As UK Bank Robbers Have Their Money Blown Away With The Wind

The UK’s Greater Manchester Police have released CCTV footage that shows two thieves escaping after robbing a nearby travel agency. Unfortunately for these two men, they didn’t secure their haul and were forced to chase after the cash

Two British thieves have been caught on camera trying to make a hasty escape with a haul of cash, only for a strong gust of wind to blow it all away. The Greater Manchester Police have described the men as “hapless robbers” as they allegedly robbed a travel agency with cash stuffed down their pants.

One of the men tried to catch the cash, but more fell out of his pants. The pair eventually got into a getaway car and sped off, police said.

Thieves Have Cash In THe AIr

Police have since alerted the public to come forward with information about the two thieves. If you ever saw two people bumbling in the street with money in the air, please go to the authorities. Police did not say how much money the pair stole, or how much was left on the street.

Thief Tries To Pick Up Cash

Lesson learned: Never go to commit a robbery if the winds are more than 20mph.

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