Robber Uses Transparent Plastic Bag As A Disguise In Master Heist

Getting robbed is just horrifying, but what this robber did is hilarious. In case if you are wondering that what was humorous about being robbed? Well, the thief used a transparent plastic bag to hide his face from getting caught.

In an incident being reported from Tamil Nadu, a video has surfaced showing a robber using a transparent poly bag to cover his face while he carries out a robbery in Kanyakumari’s Colachel area.

Thief Uses Plastic Bag As MAsk

The following matter was highlighted after a thief tried to rob a mobile phone store in Kanyakumari. All his ‘hard’ efforts in making sure that cops fail in recognizing his face actually worked in their favor as the accused was nabbed just a few hours after he committed the crime. W

ell apart from shaming his parents, the robber also brought some bad name to the robber’s community with such a foolish planning. According to a report by local news, the following robbery took place at night time in Kanyakumari area of Tamil Nadu.

Expert Thief

Master thief.

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