Man Gets Knocked The F**K Out After Car Owner Sees Him Peeing On His Truck

One man learned the hard way at the weekend that it’s really not right to relieve oneself on somebody else’s car. In a video that was being spread on social media on Monday, the man pays the price for peeing on a truck by taking a punch to the head.

The clip, which doesn’t disclose a location but was filmed in the United States, shows the owner of the vehicle come running down the street toward the person urinating, and then knocks him to the ground.

Truck Owners Runs At Drunk Man

The man that was hit, who appears to be in some kind of Halloween costume, falls into the gutter. He seems to have been knocked unconscious by the punch. The owner of the truck stands over him and is seen in the CCTV footage yelling at the man while he lies on the ground, not moving

Man Punces Drunk Man

Don’t pee on people’s cars.

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