Bizarre Footage Of Man Walking His Girlfriend Around Grocery Store On A Leash Has Divided Opinions

Even in seemingly uneventful settings such as the grocery store, you could be about to witness something truly insane. And that’s exactly what shoppers in an unidentified grocery store experienced…

The girlfriend in question can be seen clad in a white summer dress and a pair of high heels and it is believed that the short video was filmed somewhere in the US.

Initially, it wasn’t clear whether or not the clip was a prank but then it emerged that the uploader was a customer who felt compelled to share the bizarre footage. The customer clearly couldn’t decide if what she was seeing was hilarious or utterly appalling. So she followed the pair around the store and filmed it on her camera.

Man Walks Girlfriend

“That’s got to be a prank, you know you’re going to get videoed in this store,” she can be heard saying in the short clip. She then laughs and refers to the incident as “hilarious” but later appears to retract those thoughts, commenting, “That is so humiliating”.

Most of the other customers in the store continue shopping, as the man, dressed in a red vest, a pair of jeans and a baseball cap, wanders around the store with his leashed girlfriend in tow.

Girlfriend Has Leash

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