Stop horsin’ around! Woman thrown into the sand by a tiny bad-tempered pony

This is the hilarious moment a woman is thrown from a tiny pony as she tries to ride it. The footage was filmed at a farm in Cumming, Georgia and shows the woman climbing onto the back of the small pony. Although the pony seems relaxed at first, it suddenly darts off causing the woman to fly off of it and land on the sandy ground.



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At the start of the clip, the woman seems tentative as she sits on the pony. The woman was reportedly visiting a farm and asked the owner if she could ride the miniature pony. Another woman, who is on a much bigger horse and thought to be the owner, can be heard shouting advice and explaining how to get on to the pony.

Woman thrown into the sand


After nervously stroking the pony for a few moments, the woman wraps her legs around it and sits straight. Everything seems fine at first, while the owner continues to shout out encouragement and advice. But then, the pony suddenly darts off to the left causing the woman to yelp in panic. The person recording the clip starts laughing hysterically as the woman and the pony thunder away.

Woman thrown into the sand by a tiny


For a few seconds, it seems as if everything is going to be okay. But then the pony snorts and bucks, tossing the woman face first into the air and onto the ground. The pony then dashes away as the woman tries to pick herself up while the onlookers laugh at her expense.



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