Idiot Teenager Throws Himself Onto Train Rails For Prank

Shocking footage shows a teenager throw himself under an oncoming train to boost his social media following. Alexey Derbilov, 19, wedged himself into a gap in the track at Vystavochnaya metro station in Moscow in a dangerous stunt risking his life for ‘likes’.





Seconds later, a fast-moving train zooms over the top of him and he disappears from view. Derbilov’s friend recorded the shocking moment on his smartphone as the danger junkie lay flat against the rails, covering his head with his hands. The train pulls into the station over the top of him and passengers get off.

Idiot Teenager Throws Himself


After it moves away, he can be seen cowering in the same position he was in before it arrived. A female staff member on the platform shouts at him as he walks along the tracks after the horrific stunt.

Idiot Teenager Throws Himself Onto Train Rails


The footage was posted online the following day and police have arrested Derbilov, according to local media reports. His antics failed to win him much support online, with one commenter Oleg Svistunov simply writing: ‘Idiot!’



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