Utah Man In Handcuffs Flees Courtroom Before Nosediving Off Second-Floor Balcony

Security footage from a Utah courthouse shows the man in handcuffs running out of his own court case, before attempting a dramatic escape from the second-floor balcony.

In the short clip, Christopher Clay Rudd can be seen nose-diving onto the ground from the second-floor balcony. A bailiff could be seen trying to catch him before he nosedived off the balcony, just outside the courtroom. The security guards on the ground floor frantically rushed to catch the man but failed as Rudd hit the ground hard and fast.

Suspect Attempts Escape Nose Dive

The men hold the suspect down to prevent him from escaping the building, but it immediately becomes clear how badly injured he is. There were splatters of blood across his face and later it emerged that he had broken his leg and pelvis and fractured his skull.

Officers Try To Subdue Him

It isn’t clear whether or not Rudd was intentionally trying to injure himself.

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