McDonald’s Employee Restrained By Security Staff After Slapping Customer Over Food Argument

A McDonald’s employee has been filmed slapping a customer who appeared to flick her on the forehead after a row over waiting for food.

The customer engages in an argument with the McDonald’s employee and takes her receipt from behind the counter. At this point, security staff attempt to escort the customer out but before they can do, the incident escalates. The customer then flicks the employee’s forehead for being “rude” to her, which enrages the worker and prompts her to retaliate with a slap.

Employee Slaps Customer

After the employee hits her in the video, the security tries to forcibly remove the female customer who starts shouting: “She slapped me. Is she mad!” As the security tries to restrain and remove the customer, the McDonald’s employee becomes more aggressive and tries to keep fighting the girl.

The two hurl insults at each other with the customer screaming: “You f****** b****. F*** off fam!”

Security Tries To Restrain Woman

She’s clearly not lovin it.

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