That’s not how you do it! Gym user is spotted headbutting a neck machine

A personal trainer caught the hilarious moment a confused gym-goer decided to give his head a workout on the neck machine. Julia Callow, 21, spotted a man trying to exercise his head by using a four-way neck machine, and said he has been using the machine wrong for weeks.





The hilarious footage shows the gentleman forcing his head to move the weights of the machine, by repeatedly headbutting the machine. This video was captured in Huntington Beach, California, when Julia was enjoying a work-out session at the gym. The footage, filmed from a distance, shows the man repeatedly jerking his head and shoulders to force the lever down, in an apparent effort to improve his neck strength.

Gym user is spotted


Julia said: ‘I noticed what he was doing right away because of the funky motion, and he carried on for about three sets of 30 seconds. ‘I’ve noticed that he comes in every single week to do that exercise, and a handful of people always watch him because it’s such a weird movement that is rarely seen in a gym.

Gym user is spotted headbutting


‘It is unnecessary and dangerous, I am not sure why he needs any stronger neck muscles and he is doing it very wrong. ‘People are too afraid to approach him or say anything, I think they don’t want to hurt his feelings. ‘Instead, people just stare and share a grin when he is not looking.’



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