Incredible moment that a man moves his new bionic hand using just his MIND

An awe-inspiring video reveals the moment a man uses his mind to move his new bionic prosthetic hand for the first time. In the footage, the lucky recipient can be seen testing out his new hand as he executes a perfect handshake with Sultan Tukeshov, the doctor who gave it to him.





The breakthrough, fitted at Kyrgyzstan’s National Hospital in the capital city of Bishkek, could provide better prosthetics for amputees around the world. The video footage shows the lucky recipient, who was born without a wrist, successfully using the hand.



After shaking hands with the doctor, the patient then successfully attempts to master grasping. The hand is also able to grab, pick up and drop a plastic bottle with ease and finesse. To display the hand’s full range of motion, the patient clenches both his hands one flesh and one prosthetic into two fists.



Small motors can be heard working as the hand is in use. Dr Tukeshov said of his breakthrough: ‘We have great news! ‘We were only able to see something like this in the movies. Now our crew has made it. ‘We are going to work on the design and usability of the bionic hand. The patient is controlling the prosthetic hand with his mind.’ The futuristic technology has been widely praised online.



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