Not Today: Wildebeest Fights Off Two Hungry Lions!

Watch how this wildebeest uses his best weapon to fight off these hungry lions.



The amazing incident was filmed inside the Kruger National Park by tour guide Hannes Joubert.

Mr Joubert from Polkwane, South Africa, told ‘We went to the park on April 26 2018 for the long weekend and happened to come across this attempted kill roughly about 24 km North of Satara Rest camp on your way to Olifants Camp.’


This is the moment a pair of female lions break cover to attack a wildebeest in South Africa


‘We were unbelievably fortunate enough to have seen a wildebeest kill at Ngotso damn that same afternoon at 12.30. We decided to head back there that afternoon to see what was left of the carcass when we came across these two female lions stalking this wildebeest so of course we decided to wait right there.’


Wildebeest Fights Off Two Hungry Lions!


Mr Joubert insisted it is incredibly rare to see a wildebeest escape after it is ambushed by a pair of lionesses.

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