Hilarious Moment Man Losses His Footing During Scavenger Hunt And Tumbles Into River Thames

A Tesco worker on a team building day ended up in the Thames as he desperately tried to win a scavenger hunt – and did so in spectacular fashion.

The clip begins with his friend speaking to the camera whilst showing a view of the Thames and the London Eye in the background.

He says: “So here we are at the Thames.” He then zooms in to his two friends who can be seen walking down steps towards the river, whilst taking their tops off.

The cameraman continues says: “Hold on a minute, what’s going on here? It looks like these guys are going to go in.” James, on the right, loses his footing while he pulls his top over his head and slips.

Tesco Workers In Team Buildign Trip

The 32-year-old tries to grab his friend’s hands, but failing to steady himself, does a 180o spin and lands on his front. Reaching the waters edge, he flops into the water side on – still holding the T-shirt which he had removed. He stumbles trying to get back up and ends up falling even deeper.

Eventually he manages to stand up and walk back up the way he bounced down, his boxers partially exposed by the weight of water dragging his trousers down.

Worker Slips And Falls Into River Thanes

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